How to Take Your Disney-Themed Wedding to the Next Level

Allure Bridals’ new Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection

How to Take Your Disney Themed Wedding to the Next Level

Nothing screams romance like a handsome prince charming, gorgeous princess, and a little bit of magic. Now what has all of this fabulousness in one place? Disney! Disney is one of our favorite wedding themes here at Castle Couture. (It’s almost too fitting!) This blog post is going to be for all of our Disney lovers and give them all our favorite Disney wedding ideas. We are going to cover decorations, favors, accessories, and more!

Accessorize in Disney!

Your wedding day is truly focused on the bride and groom, which means all eyes will be on the two of you, so for both of you to look your best is a must! Some of our favorite touches of Disney to tie in with your look is in your shoes. Heels (or even sneakers!) with Disney decals have us totally gushing. It makes for a great photo op and an adorable way to tie in your whole Disney theme even further. More options for the bride’s accessories would be to wear some simple Disney-themed jewelry. Whether you want to do a simple Minnie Mouse stud, a bangle, or a simple charm necklace, it’s so easy to elegantly blend it in with your whole look. As for the groom, we are loving the looks of these fun cufflinks and adorable socks.

Disney Wedding Favors

We are always reminding our brides that one of the most special parts of your wedding day is the time that is shared with your loved ones. Family and friends take time to travel and celebrate the love you and your significant other have for one another and nothing could ever top that. That’s why we think it is so important to thank them in a creative and meaningful way! Coming up with a wedding favor that is something they’ll not only enjoy but want to keep forever to remember your big day is such an honor.

When hosting a Disney wedding, here are some adorable favor ideas that your guests are bound to love. We found these charming Mickey Mouse Key Bottle Openers and thought it would be such a great addition to any wedding. If you’re looking for a more customized wedding favor, try doing engraved glasses or fun, celebration buttons! Disney is famous for gifting their visitors buttons to celebrate their birthday, first time in Disney, anniversary, and so much more. Creating a button that celebrates the marriage between you and your love is adorable and totally on-theme for us Disney lovers!

Disney Wedding Gowns

At Castle Couture, we do not think that only one certain style of a wedding gown fits a Disney theme. Each Disney princess is so unique and beautiful in her own way, just like our Castle Couture brides. As long as you find a dress you love, that gown can fit into any theme you are going for! But if you are looking for that truly Disney-inspired gown, Allure has recently announced that they will be launching their Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection. This amazing collection was inspired by Disney Princesses and is really designed for that classic princess bride style. They have a gown for nearly every popular princess and styles that will cater to all looks.

Disney Decorations

Now that you have your look and the gifts for your guests covered, it’s time to decorate for the wedding! Centerpieces are everything when sitting at the table, so you need to make sure to wow your guests. This Beauty and The Beast-inspired centerpiece is everything and more. It is romantic, gorgeous, and a perfect size for your guests to still enjoy the company of their table and being able to chat directly across from one another. Another Disney-inspired centerpiece would be to use a mid-sized Cinderella’s carriage as a table runner as a perfect way to engage your theme.

Now that your tables are perfectly filled with Disney, it’s time to take a look around the rest of the reception. You can find simple Disney-inspired cake toppers, engraved champagne flutes, or even get creative and name your guests’ tables! For example, instead of the basic “table 1,” you can turn a table into “Space Mountain” or “Princess Aurora.” You can even go as far as turning your average guest book into a “Be Our Guest” book.

Our store manager, Caitlin Arvanites, is the biggest Disney guru we know. Arvanites spent her big day in Disney celebrating at the Wedding Pavilion and having her ceremony at the Grand Floridian. We wanted to know what made her choose Disney and her answer made us fall in love with this entire wedding theme! “Disney is more than just a place; it is a feeling that you have when you are there. It is known as ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ where magic happens every day. Why wouldn’t you want to get married here?”

If you are as big of Disney fans as we are, send an email to and let us know how you are planning your Disney-themed wedding!

These Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas Have Our Hearts Bursting

There is no better day of the year to express your love than on February 14th. Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for over a hundred years, which is exactly how long your love will be lasting! Here we went over our favorite Valentine’s Day wedding themes and all the love that is put into each.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

Fabulous decor is truly what makes a Valentine’s Day wedding so on theme! Decorations can range from backdrops and centerpieces to table confetti and much more. After that you need to think of all the small details. This can include invitations, cake, and even tie your theme into your bouquet. Take a read and see which of these ideas you would have at your Valentine’s Day wedding.


You really need to set the scene and give your guests a little taste of what to expect based on your invite. A great Valentine’s Day wedding invite will include the obvious colors of reds and pinks, but it really should express the love you share for your future spouse within the invite. Try to include a personal touch that will tie in your theme of love with all your guests. An example of this could be adding the constellations from the night you met on the back of the invite, a map of where you said yes, or adding a photo from the first Valentine’s Day you ever spent together (everyone loves a good throwback!).


A classic Valentine’s Day look consists of romance: deep reds and blush tones. A centerpiece that would fit right into that theme and is also a super simple DIY is using tall glass vases filled with water and red rose petals, with a floating candle on top. This is super simple, inexpensive, and an awesome way to make sure that your guests can still chat across the table.

Another centerpiece idea is a bundle of rose petals – ranging from reds and pinks to white – and cluster them in the center, sprinkling small diamond decor pieces on top and about four candles lined up on top of the petals. This is another simple, yet elegant, centerpiece that could tie in your whole table.

Photo Moments

Some of the best parts of weddings are looking back at all the fun and silly photos you took with your friends and family. Finding photo ops that will help add to your memories is always important and your guests will love you for it. We are totally gushing over the thought of having a “Kissing Booth” themed photo booth at your wedding! It is a cute, old school way to have photo ops that all the couples and families will love!  Another photo idea is having your florist create a sculpture made of roses. This could be a large XO or a large heart made of roses. We love, love, love this idea! It’s not only an awesome photo opportunity but a fabulous decoration to keep around your venue or place behind your sweetheart table during desserts.


Speaking of your florist, ask them to create a stunning bouquet that is classic and romantic. Roses are, of course, the first flower that comes to mind for Valentine’s Day; but adding some sparkles to the bouquet as well as some sweet baby’s breath is a lovely way to enhance a basic rose bouquet. As your flowers will be filled with a rich red and bright white, your bridesmaids’ bouquets could be filled with blush-toned roses. These will complement your look without outshining your bridal bouquet.


Your family and friends were kind enough to spend the most romantic and intimate day of the year to come out and celebrate you and your new spouse, so thanking them in a fabulous way only seems right! Cute Valentine’s Day wedding-themed favors can include so much, but the most popular ones definitely seem to be the following!

  1. A mini box of chocolates with the date of your wedding and names on the box.
  2. A custom-labeled bottle of champagne.
  3. A flower truck outside handing out roses as your guests leave for the night.
  4. Champagne- or rose-infused gummy bears.
  5. Custom-printed M&M’s: these could have your wedding date, photos, and names on them.

Favors are such a fun way to express yourself and really wow your guests!

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday in 2021, so get your planning started and message us on our Instagram how you’ll be celebrating with your loved ones @castlecouturebridal!

How to Stay Warm at a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are one of the most beautiful opportunities to cozy up with your loved ones and celebrate one of the most exciting, monumental moments in your life. Winter weddings are beyond fabulous, but the most difficult encounter about these amazing days is how chilly it can get at these events. From frosty toes, rosy cheeks, and shivering guests, you want to make sure, whether you are the bride or a guest, you are as comfortable as one can be during this exciting day!

Dress for A Winter Wedding

As mentioned, winter weddings can be absolutely stunning, which means your outfit should match just that! When it comes to guests, any deep, jewel-toned gowns are great to wear. During the colder months, you are fairer than any other time of the year; that’s why wearing a rich color will be most flattering compared to rocking a pastel shade in February. Along with a beautiful, rich tone, a black faux fur shawl is a great addition to any winter look! Now that the guests will be looking fabulous, it’s time to focus on the bride.

When it comes to winter weddings, we always suggest brides wear whatever they’re most comfortable in! A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear what makes you feel most beautiful. We sat down with our bridal manager, Christina Dougherty, to get her opinion on what a bride should wear when she’s saying “I do” during these frigid months. “The season should never matter; only her feelings should matter. Whether she goes for glitter or a floral lace pattern, any gown works great with any season. You should only dress for you and what makes you happy. Your dress should have your personality in it, not a season.” So, a bride should wear whatever she desires: It is her big day and if that means a strapless mermaid is her dream dress, that is exactly what she should wear!

Shoes For a Winter Wedding

Shoes are one of the most fun and fabulous accessories to shop for (and one that you can even get carried away shopping for!). When it comes to your wedding day, get ready to pray to the shoe gods to find the most perfect heel! Winter weddings are tricky when it comes to shoe shopping considering weather can really play a major role. Your wedding dress is one thing – this is your chance to express yourself and feel like the princess you always imagined yourself being – but when it comes to shoes that’s a different story! You need to find something gorgeous, yet comfortable. We always suggest the brand Badgley Mischka to our brides as we believe they are the most beautiful wedding shoes you’ll ever find and are extremely comfortable. They’re meant for all-day wear; this way, your feet will be thanking you! Finding a beautiful, comfortable pair is important for any wedding, but for a wedding held any time from November through Februrary, we also suggest rocking a closed-toe look. Naturally, your toes and fingers are the first to lose blood flow in the cold and turn that not so flattering blueish color. Nobody wants that to happen to them, especially on a day where all eyes are on you! A beautiful closed-toe heel with a glamorous brooch is exactly what every bride needs to be warm, comfortable, and looking beautiful!

Additional Tips for Your Big Day!

Some additional fun, fabulous tips for hosting a winter wedding include what to pack in your purse, some additional ideas for décor, and how to stay nice and toasty!

Your Purse

When it comes to what to put in your purse for yourself and your bridal party, it should include tissues, hand warmers, and lip balm! These may sound silly or make you question why you would need such things, but these tissues aren’t just for the tears you may shed as you say your “I dos”, but for when you are outside in the cold taking your photos! Naturally, your nose will begin to run and there is no need to sniffle throughout all your wedding photos. The next must-have is hand warmers! Everyone will be looking at that stunning ring on your left hand and the last thing you want is for your hands to be as cold as ice! This goes for your bridal party as well. They’ll be outside with you and your partner the entire time and should be just as cozy as the happy couple. Lastly, you must have some sort of lip balm in your purse! With the number of friends and family you’ll be kissing hello and the number of photos you’ll be smiling in, it’s important to not have chapped or cracked lips. A bride should look like a million bucks at all times and helping her stay cozy will make the day that more memorable!

Winter Decor

When all is said and done, this is a winter wedding, after all, so embrace it when it comes to your decor! We love ice sculptures around the reception; this is such a classic way to decorate while incorporating your theme.

Keeping Warm

Any part of the wedding that is outdoors, such as a reception or cocktail hour, must have multiple outdoor heaters! This is a great way to have your guests cozy up and chat by a heater. Or, even better, an amazing little fireplace to have a cocktail in front of is always a great addition to any wedding!

If you’re a winter bride and have any other suggestions for those getting married, shoot us an email at so we can share with our Castle Couture ladies!

Castle Couture’s Wedding Checklist

Weddings can be overwhelming, but that is exactly why we’re here! We created the Castle Couture Checklist to ensure we help you cover each and every step to help take away the stress of your wedding planning. (Think of us as your dress store, tuxedo boutique, seamstress, jeweler, and, now, digital wedding planner!) Below we’ve created a step-by-step organizer to help you plan your wedding in a timely manner, so let’s begin!

As Soon As You’re Engaged!

Congratulations! You just got engaged! Here are the next steps to get the ball rolling and get a few steps closer to hosting the wedding of your dreams.

  • Celebrate! This is a huge milestone that you want to capture in your lifetime. Celebrate with your closest friends and family because this moment is indescribable.
  • Chat with your partner about what both of your visions are for this big day. You need to make sure you are both on the same page throughout the entire process of planning.
  • Next up is budget: Based on your financials, choose a budget that can make your vision come true without breaking the bank.
  • Choose when your big day will take place!
  • Create a guest list to give you an idea of how many people will be attending when you look at venues.
  • Do research on vendors and begin booking all of your appointments.
  • Create a binder to gather all of your wedding planning info in one place! This will be a lifesaver when you’re crunching numbers.

12 Months Before You Say “I Do

  • Now that your appointments are booked and you have a date in mind, it’s time to pick a venue. Venues can book up to a year in advance, so the sooner you book the better!
  • Begin dress shopping and find the bridal gown of your dreams! Bridal gowns can take roughly six to nine months to arrive. (Crazy, we know!)
  • Book a videographer and photographer.
  • Select who will be a part of your bridal party. Although it may be a year out, you want to give everyone enough time to save and enjoy this whole experience with you.
  • Create a wedding website. Have your important dates, venue, and hotel information for all of your guests to find in one place.

10 Months Before You Say “I Do”

  • Book your DJ/band: This vendor is truly what will set the mood for a wedding, so make sure you leave ample amount of time to get the one you really love!
  • Talk to your vendor and work with a hotel for your guests. Whether it’s for guests who are coming from out of town or guests who may want to party all night long with the happy couple, make sure you have rooms available for them.
  • Take your engagement photos!

8 Months Before You Say “I Do

  • Select your save-the-dates and order your invitations.
  • Book your officiant, if needed.
  • Book your honeymoon and flights.
  • Begin doing research on any decor you may need to rent that your venue or DJ will not be supplying.
  • Choose a florist.

6 Months Before You Say “I Do

  • Send your save-the-dates.
  • Purchase your bridesmaid dresses.
  • Begin planning all the details of your honeymoon (excursions, dinner reservations, etc.).
  • Place your order for any items you are renting from other companies.
  • Reach out to your favorite bakery to order your wedding cake and any desserts you may want (if your vendor doesn’t supply this in your package).
  • Book any travel accommodations for guests.
  • Book your travel accommodations for the day-of, including your bridal party.
  • Begin doing research on hair and makeup artists and begin trials.
  • The maid of honor and best man should begin planning your bachelorette and bachelor parties!

4 Months Before You Say “I Do”

  • Begin wedding band shopping.
  • Send a guest list to whoever is hosting your bridal shower and begin registering at your favorite store. (Target, here we come!)
  • Officially book your hair and makeup artists.
  • Book the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venues.
  • Rent the groom and groomsmen’s tuxedos (which are available at Castle Couture).

2 Months Before You Say “I Do”

  • Send your invitations!
  • Begin alterations on your bridal gown as well as the bridesmaid gowns, if needed.
  • Order any items necessary for your ceremony (unity candles, staged exit props – such as bubbles or rice – religious items, programs, etc.).
  • Finalize the menu for your wedding night with your venue or caterer.
  • Purchase your accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.).
  • Finalize all details with your florist.

4 Weeks Before You Say “I Do

  • Send rehearsal dinner invitations. Make sure to include any out-of-state guests who have traveled far!
  • Submit your marriage license.
  • Purchase favors for guests.
  • Purchase gifts for the bridal party.
  • Have the guest list finalized.

2 Weeks Before You Say “I Do”

  • Begin creating your seating chart for guests.
  • Touch base with vendors to confirm the time of arrival for everyone, including your vendors.
  • Pick up your bridal gown from the seamstress; make sure it is steamed & stuffed!
  • Visit your jeweler to clean your engagement ring. (You want that nice and sparkly for your pictures!)

Day You Say “I Do”

  • Enjoy the day you worked so hard for with the love of your life, family, and friends! (And send us pictures in your beautiful Castle Couture gown!)

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas

Happy (almost) New Year to our Castle Couture friends and family! The last week of the year is always the best: It is the perfect time to reflect on all you have accomplished, plan for the future, and – what’s even better – most of us have a day or more off from work! There is always so much joy that surrounds entering a new year, let alone a new decade. Here, we’re going to break down our favorite New Year’s Eve wedding trends.

Fun Favors

There is no better way to ring in the new year than with friends, family, and the love of your life. No item could ever thank those beloved people for taking the time out of their schedules to celebrate with you, but you can certainly try! One of our favorite favors for a New Year’s Eve wedding is engraved bells your friends and family can use to ring in the new year. This is a fun, festive way to share a memory while also celebrating this international holiday. Another way to thank your guests for celebrating your wedding and New Year’s would be to give mini bottles of champagne with custom labels. Champagne, the alcoholic beverage that is famous for toasting and celebrations, is a great memento for your guests to keep or pop open to celebrate!

Divine Decor

Remember, you only have seconds to make a first impression, so make it count! This is your time to pull out all of your creativity and truly give them that “wow” factor. One décor idea our Castle family has fallen head over heels for is a stunning, black and gold color scheme. This allows you to have an elegant, classic wedding with a hint of the holiday thrown in. This can give you an array of decor opportunities such as a champagne tower or a string lights gathered on the venue walls in place of up-lighting, and your options for customizations are endless.

An easily personalized décor item is glitter signs with your wedding date (these pieces are great because they can transition into your home). Another fun way to incorporate the New Year’s holiday theme into your wedding is with the use of clocks. Now, it may sound strange, but there are many opportunities to incorporate this idea into your event. The focus of this night is, of course, around you and your significant other, but it is also about when the clock strikes midnight. Having a “clock wall” for a photo prop moment or corks with the hands of the clock striking midnight is what brings even more excitement and creativity to your wedding.

The Gowns for Your Big Night

Your bridal gown is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day. When you go shopping, you have so many different options regarding the look you want when you make your debut down the aisle and what to dress your bridal party in. Let’s start with the most important gown of the night: Yours!

Our favorite bridal look for a New Year’s Eve wedding is something that is sure to bring the drama, which can include lots of bling and be unique. A designer who is famous for this glamorous bridal style is Stephen Yearick. Stephen Yearick wedding gowns often include detachable trains, capes, sheer bodices, and extravagant veils.

Although your look is the center of your guest’s attention, the night would not be complete without your best friends by your side. Some great, New Year’s Eve bridesmaid looks include a stunning, glitzy, gold dress with simple accessories or a satin black gown paired with gold accessories. Your bridesmaids are there to support you and tie your whole look together. Some of our favorite bridesmaid dress designers are Hayley Paige and Jessica Angel. Both lines feature simple bridesmaid gowns that come in a variety of colors and silhouettes.

The possibilities are endless with a New Year’s Eve wedding. It is truly the night of many firsts and the start of your happily ever after!