How-to: Perfect Bridal Hair and Makeup

How to Achieve the Perfect Bridal Hair & Makeup

Achieving the perfect bridal hair and makeup is just as important as finding the dress of your dreams. Just like shopping for gowns, there are so many options and all can set a completely different mood and look for your big day. Below are our favorite looks that would look stunning on nearly any bride!

The Classic Bride

This look consists of a gorgeous smoky eye, classic red lip, and soft complexion with a soft updo. This look is one of our favorites and most universal. A red lip symbolizes power and confidence, which is exactly what every bride will be exuding on her wedding day! Although this lip is a stunner, you do need to be wary of it staining, especially when you’re in your wedding gown. Finding a great matte formula is an easy way to avoid this issue and still pull together this classic look. Next would be creating an elegant smoky eye. Many brides get nervous when they hear the idea of using a smoky eye on their big day. This is because so many times it is assumed this consists of shades of grays and blacks, but that is not always the case! Makeup artist Monica Case chatted with us about what exactly a smoky eye is and how to achieve it. “A smoky eye is when your eyeshadow is darker and more defined at the lash line and at the outer corner of your eye. The lightest part should be the inner corner to open up your eye and the darker tones on the outer corner will add sultriness and elongate the eye.” Our next suggestion would be to create a softer complexion considering you’ll be rocking a bold eye and lip already. Ask your makeup artist to use a medium coverage foundation with a neutral finish. This foundation works well with so many skin types because a neutral finish will blend in beautifully whether you have oily or dry skin.

When it comes to the classic bride’s hairstyle, we imagine a gorgeous updo. This can range from buns or high ponytails. Regardless, it is a beautiful way to show off your gown, makeup, and, of course, yourself!

Classic bridal makeup. Veil and hairpiece by Edward Berger.

The No-Makeup Makeup Bride

This look is for all our brides who may not be into all the glitz and glam but still want a little extra something on their big day. A no-makeup makeup look will have a light coverage foundation, a little liner, and a clear gloss to plump your lips. The light coverage foundation will quickly smooth out any imperfections you may have (we know how those zits love to sneak up right before any big event!), especially if you use a formula that has a dewy finish. A dewy, light coverage foundation is fabulous for that no-makeup-makeup look and will give you a beautiful glow. Compared to our classic bride who would be wearing a bold lip, this look may have a simple gloss over a nude lipstick. To tie this look together, we recommend a bit of eyeliner and a great mascara to lengthen and curl your lashes! After your makeup artist has mastered the makeup look you want, the next thing to focus on is how you want your hair to be styled. For this effortless look, the same theme should be carried into whatever hairstyle you choose. For women with long hair, we suggest that you have your stylist create long, loose curls to give you a finished yet effortless style.

No-makeup wedding gown by Allure Bridals.

The “Natural Glam” Bride

A “natural glam” bride is one who wants to look like herself but enhanced. She wants to show off all of her best features but does not want to look like a totally different person. A look like this may include a medium to full coverage foundation, a beautiful neutral lip, and fun lashes! A set of full falsies can really bring together your bridal makeup look. A pair that is shorter by your tear duct and then flares out by your outer corner can give the illusion of larger eyes. Monica gave her opinion on what comes to mind when a bride requests a natural glam makeup look on her special day. “Every bride wants to look beautiful on the day of their wedding and some brides worry that makeup may be “too much” because they want to look like themselves. I always try to emphasize their strong features and I recommend a natural glam [look] because it includes a flawless face and soft on the eyes. I do suggest doing more coverage on the face to give a smooth, even finish. I always want my brides to feel so beautiful on their special day!”

“Natural glam” image courtesy of Monica Case, on Instagram at @monicacase.

Couture Bridal Spotlight

5 Couture Bridal Designers You Need to Check Out

To be a bride is such a special and exciting time: You get to plan one of the biggest days of your life, surrounded by the people who love you and your fiancé the most, while wearing the gown of your dreams. Most brides have been dreaming about and planning this day ever since they were young. At Castle Couture, we are honored to help turn you into the bride you’ve always dreamt of being on your big day! This week, we are spotlighting five couture designers that you need to check out. This is just a small selection of the thousands of gowns and incredible designers we carry! If any of these designers sound interesting to you, certainly give us a call and we’d love to set you up with a bridal appointment and an expert bridal stylist to find the gown of your dreams.

Stephen Yearick

Stephen Yearick is a brand that has worked with Castle Couture for years. The designer, Leigh, is known for his hand-beaded work, custom changes, and bringing that high-fashion runway look to the bridal boutiques. What makes this designer so special is the fact that every part of his work is customizable. This means if you love a gown but, for example, want a certain layer of tulle removed or added or if you want a certain section of beadwork a different color, he can achieve that. One of our Castle Couture brides, Jenni (JWoww) Farley, wore a Stephen Yearick gown on her big day! His bridal gowns are truly ones to fawn over and his evening wear gowns are just as stunning. From heavily beaded gowns to feathers and even detachable trains, he does it all. And what’s better than mom and daughter rocking the same designer at the wedding?

Castle Couture is hosting a Stephen Yearick trunk show on Saturday, January 25, and Sunday, January 26, 2020. This trunk show will be for both bridal and evening wear! Any questions on what a trunk show is? Check out our previous blog! One of the designer’s representatives will be attending the trunk show and bringing some of the new, hot designs. What is so interesting about Stephen Yearick is that they have a sister brand known as Ysa Makino. Ysa Makino and Stephen Yearick are, although different brands, part of the same company. This means Ysa Makino has gowns that are just as glamorous and extravagant as Stephen Yearick’s. These gowns are elegant yet filled with glamour, making them the perfect couture look!

Matthew Christopher

Matthew Christopher is a talented, fabulous designer who exudes happiness and joy to everyone he comes in contact with and his beautiful energy is certainly reflected in his designs. His gowns are stunning and created with the most luxurious fabrics. He is known for his tastefully sexy, structured gowns that look as though they were painted onto a bride’s body. His gowns fit like a glove and emphasize a woman’s curves in the best way possible. He can even give a shape to a woman who doesn’t have one! This line also offers custom veils to exactly match your gown’s beadwork. Matthew Christopher has visited our boutique more times than one can count and each time he builds new relationships with his Matthew Christopher brides.

Matthew’s gowns deliver the perfect combination of elegance, timelessness, and sophistication in every look. A Matthew Christopher gown has amazing construction to flatter your body as well as quality to last a lifetime. Matthew Christopher achieves a couture look that will have any bride looking and feeling like royalty.

Shlomit Azrad

This Israeli designer’s gowns are nothing short of jaw-dropping. The Schlomit Azrad couture line is known for its unique beadwork, high slits, plunging necklines, and low backs. Their gowns are a blend of sexy and classy, which is a difficult look to achieve, but she manages to do so seamlessly.

To wear a Shlomit Azrad gown for your wedding is such a luxury. The designs are certainly couture, achieving a straight-off-the-runway look as well as having an eastern European design with a modern twist. The bride who wears one of these stunners is one who is daring and looking for a more edgy and exotic look.

Eve of Milady

Many brides dream of looking like a princess on their wedding days and wearing an Eve of Milady gown is the perfect way to achieve just that. These gowns are a great way to have a traditional, yet couture, look. Another Castle Couture bride, Angelina Pivarnick, wore an Eve of Milady on wedding day in November and looked exquisite! This couture designer is extra special because they offer matching veils with a selection of their gowns.

Eve is known for their signature long trains and soft sparkle. They have been around for over 40 years and clearly know how to transform and evolve with the times, constantly keeping up with the hottest trends that brides ask for.

Julie Vino

One of newest, gorgeous gown designers to be available at Castle Couture Julie Vino. We love to view these as an understated sexy, but they are also the perfect gown to get that whimsical look while still looking bridal. The quality of her fabrics is outstanding due to the fact that they custom-make them to ensure the utmost perfection in their gowns.

Castle Couture will be hosting a Julie Vino trunk show on February 1 and 2, 2020, where we will be receiving a special selection of stunning gowns, in addition to what is part of our inventory. She is the next big thing to hit the bridal industry!

Castle Couture’s Wedding Checklist

Weddings can be overwhelming, but that is exactly why we’re here! We created the Castle Couture Checklist to ensure we help you cover each and every step to help take away the stress of your wedding planning. (Think of us as your dress store, tuxedo boutique, seamstress, jeweler, and, now, digital wedding planner!) Below we’ve created a step-by-step organizer to help you plan your wedding in a timely manner, so let’s begin!

As Soon As You’re Engaged!

Congratulations! You just got engaged! Here are the next steps to get the ball rolling and get a few steps closer to hosting the wedding of your dreams.

  • Celebrate! This is a huge milestone that you want to capture in your lifetime. Celebrate with your closest friends and family because this moment is indescribable.
  • Chat with your partner about what both of your visions are for this big day. You need to make sure you are both on the same page throughout the entire process of planning.
  • Next up is budget: Based on your financials, choose a budget that can make your vision come true without breaking the bank.
  • Choose when your big day will take place!
  • Create a guest list to give you an idea of how many people will be attending when you look at venues.
  • Do research on vendors and begin booking all of your appointments.
  • Create a binder to gather all of your wedding planning info in one place! This will be a lifesaver when you’re crunching numbers.

12 Months Before You Say “I Do

  • Now that your appointments are booked and you have a date in mind, it’s time to pick a venue. Venues can book up to a year in advance, so the sooner you book the better!
  • Begin dress shopping and find the bridal gown of your dreams! Bridal gowns can take roughly six to nine months to arrive. (Crazy, we know!)
  • Book a videographer and photographer.
  • Select who will be a part of your bridal party. Although it may be a year out, you want to give everyone enough time to save and enjoy this whole experience with you.
  • Create a wedding website. Have your important dates, venue, and hotel information for all of your guests to find in one place.

10 Months Before You Say “I Do”

  • Book your DJ/band: This vendor is truly what will set the mood for a wedding, so make sure you leave ample amount of time to get the one you really love!
  • Talk to your vendor and work with a hotel for your guests. Whether it’s for guests who are coming from out of town or guests who may want to party all night long with the happy couple, make sure you have rooms available for them.
  • Take your engagement photos!

8 Months Before You Say “I Do

  • Select your save-the-dates and order your invitations.
  • Book your officiant, if needed.
  • Book your honeymoon and flights.
  • Begin doing research on any decor you may need to rent that your venue or DJ will not be supplying.
  • Choose a florist.

6 Months Before You Say “I Do

  • Send your save-the-dates.
  • Purchase your bridesmaid dresses.
  • Begin planning all the details of your honeymoon (excursions, dinner reservations, etc.).
  • Place your order for any items you are renting from other companies.
  • Reach out to your favorite bakery to order your wedding cake and any desserts you may want (if your vendor doesn’t supply this in your package).
  • Book any travel accommodations for guests.
  • Book your travel accommodations for the day-of, including your bridal party.
  • Begin doing research on hair and makeup artists and begin trials.
  • The maid of honor and best man should begin planning your bachelorette and bachelor parties!

4 Months Before You Say “I Do”

  • Begin wedding band shopping.
  • Send a guest list to whoever is hosting your bridal shower and begin registering at your favorite store. (Target, here we come!)
  • Officially book your hair and makeup artists.
  • Book the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venues.
  • Rent the groom and groomsmen’s tuxedos (which are available at Castle Couture).

2 Months Before You Say “I Do”

  • Send your invitations!
  • Begin alterations on your bridal gown as well as the bridesmaid gowns, if needed.
  • Order any items necessary for your ceremony (unity candles, staged exit props – such as bubbles or rice – religious items, programs, etc.).
  • Finalize the menu for your wedding night with your venue or caterer.
  • Purchase your accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.).
  • Finalize all details with your florist.

4 Weeks Before You Say “I Do

  • Send rehearsal dinner invitations. Make sure to include any out-of-state guests who have traveled far!
  • Submit your marriage license.
  • Purchase favors for guests.
  • Purchase gifts for the bridal party.
  • Have the guest list finalized.

2 Weeks Before You Say “I Do”

  • Begin creating your seating chart for guests.
  • Touch base with vendors to confirm the time of arrival for everyone, including your vendors.
  • Pick up your bridal gown from the seamstress; make sure it is steamed & stuffed!
  • Visit your jeweler to clean your engagement ring. (You want that nice and sparkly for your pictures!)

Day You Say “I Do”

  • Enjoy the day you worked so hard for with the love of your life, family, and friends! (And send us pictures in your beautiful Castle Couture gown!)

Bridal Gowns: Classic or Trendy?

Classic or Trendy? Find Out What the Queens of the Castle Would Wear on Their Big Day!

In the world of bridal, there are so many different styles and designers that it can be overwhelming for a bride to make a decision on her dream dress, especially when there are so many gorgeous pieces! We sat down with a handful of our expert bridal consultants to put them in the shoes of all our Castle Couture brides and find out what type of bride they would want to be on their wedding day. We wanted to know what their dream dress is, any advice they may have for a bride who is struggling to make a final decision and so much more!

Meet Christina Dougherty!

Christina Dougherty
Pronovias in classic lace

Christina Dougherty is a bridal stylist and team leader here and we had the luxury of chatting with her about all things bridal. When a bride comes in and asks for a “classic” bridal gown, what exactly does this mean to a consultant? What looks come to mind?
Christina explained that throughout her four years of working here, these are the looks that she would pull when getting that request: “When I hear a bride is looking for a more classic bridal gown, the first thing that comes to mind is a clean look. My first gown to pull would be a Pronovias or something with gorgeous, traditional lace that will always be in style.” Pronovias wedding gowns are known for their clean lines, beautiful Spanish lace, and timeless looks.

Although a look like this is something you could not go wrong with, not every bride wants to be traditional. Many brides who come in are looking for a gown that will shed light on their personality, be unique, and have the look that’s straight off the runway. Christina explained how a trendy gown can truly be something a little more edgy and different. For instance, this can include a plunging v-neck gown, low back, 3-D appliqués, or could even be a gown with a pop of color.

Christina’s dream gown?

Our consultants are fabulous at what they do and are great at helping our brides find the dress of their dreams, but what happens when they are asked to pick out their dream gown? Christina expressed that her dream dress would be a classic style with a hint of edginess. Her dream dress would be something with long sleeves, a deep v-neck, and she would even love to wear a black bridal gown. (But mama Dougherty would not approve!)

Meet Kristen Lubrano!

Kristen Lubrano

Kristen Lubrano has been with Castle Couture for three years and has already experienced the beautiful chaos of planning her big day. (PS: She bought her gown from Castle Couture even before she started working with us.) What is so interesting about Kristen’s thoughts on a classic versus trendy bridal gown is that she would change everything about her big day look! She wore a traditional bridal gown for her wedding, but, if she were to plan her day all over again, she exclaimed that she would go with something much trendier and more fun. “I think if I were to have a vow renewal I would for sure do a lot of sparkles, a detachable train, and even feathers!”

Kristen, just like Christina, feels as though a trendier look would be a dress with color or maybe a sheer bodice, while something more classic and traditional would be an A-line with simple lace. Kristen’s best advice for a bride who is struggling to make a decision on her wedding gown would be to pick whatever you feel most beautiful wearing. All of the bridal gowns you try on are going to be gorgeous, but the only thing that matters is what makes you feel the most beautiful.

Meet Jamie Sorrentino!

Jamie Sorrentino

Every bride has their own style and ideal dress for their wedding day and that’swhat makes your day so exciting to plan! So, what makes a classic or trendy bridal gown, according to Jamie Sorrentino, another of our bridal stylists? We spoke with her to see what her thoughts were on this topic. “When I hear someone is shopping for a more classic gown, I automatically think of a clean satin ball gown. But if someone asks me to pull more hot and trendy gowns, I will go for a gown with a cape or something other than white.”

When Jamie was asked what her dream dress would be, she explained how she is a complete mix of both a classic and trendy bride. On her wedding day, she would love to have an overskirt with lots of sparkles but still a touch of elegant lace. It can be hard to make a decision on what dress to wear for your big day and is sometimes very confusing. Even Jamie struggled to pick out what she would want to wear when she is a bride one day, so we asked if she had any suggestions for women going through something similar. “Enjoy every moment of dress shopping and bring your most trustworthy friends. We always suggest bringing no more than three guests; just your small core group to help you pick the dress of your dreams.”

Meet Amy Townsley!

Amy Townsley

The last bridal stylist we had the pleasure of sitting down with was Amy Townsley. Amy has been with Castle Couture for nearly four years and loves the world of weddings more than anyone you”l ever meet! Amy, just like our other stylists, feels as though she is a mix of both a trendy and classic bride. She would definitely want two looks for her wedding day: The first would be a totally clean-cut look with a gorgeous, off-the-shoulder gown for her ceremony. When it is time for the reception, she wants a fun, sparkly, short dress to spend the night partying in, all while wowing her guests.

It seemed to be an ongoing pattern that our consultants couldn’t decide between if they were a more classic or trendy bride and that is totally okay! Not everyone fits within a certain category and that is what makes all of our styles so unique. Amy’s advice for any bride shopping for her big day would be to always remember that no one can tell you how you feel. When you are shopping for the perfect gown, nine times out of ten you are going to get this gut feeling of just knowing this is the bridal gown for you. You want to feel the best you’ve ever felt in any article of clothing and just know this is the gown you want to spend your special day in.

Which do you prefer: a classic or trendy bridal gown? Let us know when you call us at 732-617-1414 to schedule your bridal appointment.