New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas

Happy (almost) New Year to our Castle Couture friends and family! The last week of the year is always the best: It is the perfect time to reflect on all you have accomplished, plan for the future, and – what’s even better – most of us have a day or more off from work! There is always so much joy that surrounds entering a new year, let alone a new decade. Here, we’re going to break down our favorite New Year’s Eve wedding trends.

Fun Favors

There is no better way to ring in the new year than with friends, family, and the love of your life. No item could ever thank those beloved people for taking the time out of their schedules to celebrate with you, but you can certainly try! One of our favorite favors for a New Year’s Eve wedding is engraved bells your friends and family can use to ring in the new year. This is a fun, festive way to share a memory while also celebrating this international holiday. Another way to thank your guests for celebrating your wedding and New Year’s would be to give mini bottles of champagne with custom labels. Champagne, the alcoholic beverage that is famous for toasting and celebrations, is a great memento for your guests to keep or pop open to celebrate!

Divine Decor

Remember, you only have seconds to make a first impression, so make it count! This is your time to pull out all of your creativity and truly give them that “wow” factor. One décor idea our Castle family has fallen head over heels for is a stunning, black and gold color scheme. This allows you to have an elegant, classic wedding with a hint of the holiday thrown in. This can give you an array of decor opportunities such as a champagne tower or a string lights gathered on the venue walls in place of up-lighting, and your options for customizations are endless.

An easily personalized décor item is glitter signs with your wedding date (these pieces are great because they can transition into your home). Another fun way to incorporate the New Year’s holiday theme into your wedding is with the use of clocks. Now, it may sound strange, but there are many opportunities to incorporate this idea into your event. The focus of this night is, of course, around you and your significant other, but it is also about when the clock strikes midnight. Having a “clock wall” for a photo prop moment or corks with the hands of the clock striking midnight is what brings even more excitement and creativity to your wedding.

The Gowns for Your Big Night

Your bridal gown is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day. When you go shopping, you have so many different options regarding the look you want when you make your debut down the aisle and what to dress your bridal party in. Let’s start with the most important gown of the night: Yours!

Our favorite bridal look for a New Year’s Eve wedding is something that is sure to bring the drama, which can include lots of bling and be unique. A designer who is famous for this glamorous bridal style is Stephen Yearick. Stephen Yearick wedding gowns often include detachable trains, capes, sheer bodices, and extravagant veils.

Although your look is the center of your guest’s attention, the night would not be complete without your best friends by your side. Some great, New Year’s Eve bridesmaid looks include a stunning, glitzy, gold dress with simple accessories or a satin black gown paired with gold accessories. Your bridesmaids are there to support you and tie your whole look together. Some of our favorite bridesmaid dress designers are Hayley Paige and Jessica Angel. Both lines feature simple bridesmaid gowns that come in a variety of colors and silhouettes.

The possibilities are endless with a New Year’s Eve wedding. It is truly the night of many firsts and the start of your happily ever after!

Veils 101: How to Find the Perfect Veil

veils at castle couture

Veils 101: How to Find the Perfect Veil for the Perfect Day

There is so much to do when it comes to planning the perfect wedding day. From finding the perfect venue, dress, ring, and, of course, the perfect soul mate, it can be easy to overlook some small but majorly important details. This week we’re going to chat about all things veils and everything you need to know when shopping for one.

A Style for Everyone

Each and every bride is unique, and it’s so important that she has a veil that will express her special qualities. Here we will break down the different lengths, styles, and looks you can rock on your special day.

We chatted with Castle Couture’s Accessories Manager, Cathy Fratangelo, to see what advice she had to give for brides that are still in search of a veil. “My advice is always to be open-minded and remember to have the gown as your main focus. I like to think of accessories as the ‘icing on the cake’; it is what really ties a look together. I always tell my brides to try on different things, because pictures are forever, and this is how you want to be remembered.”

cathedral veil

The Princess Bride

If you’re the bride who is looking to truly tie in the fairy-tale factor on your big day, nothing screams “happily ever after” more than a cathedral veil. These veils can be beautifully embellished with lace or beadwork and drape so elegantly behind you as you walk down the aisle to the love of your life. They can range from 117 inches up to however many feet you would like, as long as time permits for customizations. These veils are the perfect amount of drama and elegance all in one.

The Classic Bride

            If you’re not looking for the drama and are in search of a more timeless, classic look, then a fabulous fingertip veil may be the perfect style for you. Fingertip veils, just like cathedrals, can range from being heavily embellished or have intricate lace to a simple tulle. A hot style in the world of bridal is wearing a crystalline tulle on your big day.

The Custom Bride

            One of the most fabulous things about your wedding day is that you have the luxury of making every call and picking out every minor detail. This rule especially applies when it comes to your gown, veil, and jewelry. One of the most exciting parts about accessory shopping is that this is your chance to tie in your whole look to be everything you have ever wanted. Here at Castle Couture, you can to sit down with one of our stylists and describe exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to not only your veil but your headpiece and jewelry as well. We can customize just about everything and anything: Whether it is the length, extra appliqués, a change in beadwork, or anything else you could imagine, we are able to personalize your look to make a one-of-a-kind piece for you.

Not Just Your Basic Ivory 

            While on the topic of custom pieces, not every bride has that luxury of picking out every small detail for her big day, usually due to time. We always recommend that a bride purchase her veil at the same time as her gown; this way, you can ensure that the two are a perfect match. If you don’t think you have the time to select your accessories the day you find your dream dress, we still have you covered. We have nearly everything in stock, including white, ivory, champagne, and even black veils that you can try on when it is time to pick up your gown. This is something we pride ourselves on because we are able to help each and every one of our brides at the moment she is ready.

Blusher vs No Blusher

            These are veil questions that brides ask more often than not: Are blushers in? Does she have to wear them? Is it a tradition? Our job is the ensure and remind you that this is your special day and there truly is no style that is “in” anymore. Each bride is extremely unique and so are their wishes for their wedding day. We tried getting to the bottom of the blusher versus no blusher debate and reached out once again to our Accessories Manager, Cathy Fratangelo. Cathy concluded that about 75% of our brides decide not to wear a blusher down the aisle, while the other quarter continues to rock this style on their big day. One trend she did note in regard to the brides who choose to wear blushers is that they prefer a style that is longer than the blusher that their mothers may have worn.

Common Questions About Veils

I didn’t purchase my veil the day I bought my wedding dress, can I still shop for one?

Yes, you can. Stop in anytime during store hours to work with a skilled stylist and find the veil that suits you and your gown best. Keep in mind, it can take about four to five months for certain styles to arrive.

veils of all lengths

How long does it take to order a veil?

A standard veil can take about four months to come in and a customized veil can take about six months to arrive.

Do I wear my veil all night?

You can do whatever you prefer, but a majority of our brides do tend to take the veil off after the ceremony. This way, they can take photos with the veil, say their “I dos,” and still be able to dance the night away!

If you’re interested in setting up an accessories appointment, give us a call at 732-617-1414 and we would love to help you find the perfect veil!

*Veils and gowns pictured may not be in stock.

Why Trunk Show Weekends Are Totally Worth the Hype

Recently engaged or planning to attend your best friend’s wedding or other special occasion requiring formal attire? We have you covered! It is time to grab your besties and start shopping. One of the most exciting parts about weddings is the joy that comes from going dress shopping with your closest friends. With so many designers and so many options, it can be overwhelming to find the style that complements you best.

When choosing the best weekend to go dress shopping, we wanted to deep dive into all the incentives and excitement that can come from joining your favorite designer at a trunk show weekend! Although this article is discussing bridal trunk shows specifically, the information in it applies to evening wear and prom trunk shows, too.

What Is a Trunk Show?

Let’s start with the basics: What is a trunk show? Why do I want to attend one? Trunk show weekends are special because this is when a designer will bring in a selection of gowns which are the top sellers or the newest arrivals to their collection. Most stores don’t have these particular dresses in stock yet and this is the perfect opportunity for you to try on your favorite designer. This is also a fabulous opportunity for you to be one of the first to see the designers’ newest looks for the upcoming season as well as finally wear that gown that you’ve been dreaming about. If you are already head over heels for a designer such as Allure, Matthew Christopher, or Hayley Paige, a trunk show is your chance to chat with their rep (or maybe even the designer!), try items from their latest season, and find the dress of your dreams!

Benefits of a Trunk Show

When it comes to bridal gown shopping, almost every bride begins to go overboard when it comes to pinning, reposting, and saving all her favorite styles and designers on social media. The beauty of a trunk show is this can be your chance to turn your Pinterest board into a reality. You have the opportunity to meet with the designer or representatives to make custom changes, design matching veils, or take home some fun designer swag!

Our stylists love trunk show weekends for just as many reasons as our brides do. They get to see all the latest styles, make our brides’ dreams come true, and hear the stories behind each one of the dresses whenever a representative comes to work with us. Jody Alvino, one of Castle Couture’s senior staff members – who has been working with our brides for nearly eight years – spoke with us about her favorite part of trunk show weekends: “My favorite part has to be giving the bride a broader selection of the designer that they love with all the latest styles.”

Common Trunk Show Questions

Most first-time bridal shoppers are not always familiar with what exactly a trunk show is and that is the exact reason why we felt it was so important to sit down and talk with our beautiful brides about it. Below we answered some of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to all things trunk shows.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. In order to shop in our bridal department, you will need an appointment whether it is on a trunk show weekend or during the week. This is important because you will work with one of our expert stylists one-on-one and have someone answer every question you may have.

Can I try on other bridal gowns during my appointment?

100% yes. The bridal appointment you have during the trunk show weekend will allow you to try on not only our trunk show gowns but all the bridal gowns we have in the showroom.

Am I buying the stock piece?

No. As long as timing permits, you will be able to order a brand-new gown. As trunk show gowns are a selection of newer pieces that the brand has created, the gowns typically travel around the country from store to store nearly every weekend. (Another reason to be ready to say yes: these dresses leave our store on Monday!) We will place a special order your gown, which will not only be brand new but be a much closer fit to your body than the stock piece.

Will I be able to try the trunk show piece again?

This is one of the most common questions we receive, and it hurts us to say you cannot. As previously mentioned, these gowns are here for one weekend only. After our last appointments on Sunday afternoon, the dresses are prepared to be shipped to the next store where the next set of lucky brides get to try on these beautiful dresses.

Can I customize the trunk show gown?

The beauty of working with bridal gowns is that because they are designed for you and your big day, nine times out of ten you will be able to customize a trunk show piece, whether this means adding sleeves, extra buttons, or even more bling. The possibilities are endless! This can be even more exciting when working directly with the designer on this special weekend because the creativity that flows out of them is truly magical.

If you are interested in booking your bridal appointment for an upcoming trunk show, make sure to give us a call at 732-617-1414 so we can get you one step closer to your happily ever after!